The Political Activist

Babak | Iran | Asylum Seeker

“Some people in [Australia], they don’t believe the new people who come here. They don’t believe, they don’t trust.”

Babak’s frustration is tangible. He has been living in community detention for 15 months, but still can’t find a job. “And I’m not allowed to study under the bridging visa rule,” he says, shaking his head.

For him, it is difficult to see the difference between his situation now, and the two years he spent languishing in detention facilities.

His eyes glisten with indignation; his voice serrated, tinged with despair.

“Just the same day… same day come and go. Same.”


One thought on “The Political Activist

  1. It is such a shame that these people are forced to languish for years, when hopefully in most cases they are eventually granted residency. Australians must show the government that we think this is inhumane, as while the politicians think we don’t care, they don’t.

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