The Nurse

Janni | Bangladesh | Asylum Seeker

“Then, he would hit me in front of my daughter. He would hit my daughter.”

The rain pelts the kitchen window like a machine gun, punctuated by guttural growls of thunder. Janni trembles and shrinks further into her veil.

It takes an hour to tell her story: how she escaped here with her daughter; her homelessness and hopelessness; how her husband tried to kill her.

Her hands are clasped, as if in prayer. She speaks apprehensively, her eyes large, wet, imploring.

If Janni returns to Bangladesh or Saudi Arabia where she worked as a nurse, her husband will find her there. Here, at least, she can hide.

But Janni and her daughter are on their last appeal.

If rejected, they have 28 days to leave the country.


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