The Engineer

Majid | Iran | Permanent Resident

“I saw two person die in detention. One, he dive into concrete and killed himself. Another one, hanging in the bathroom… I cut his rope. I can’t forget him, I can’t.”

Majid’s voice fractures. He pauses, swallows, eyes downcast.

As one of Iran’s brightest young engineers, Majid was headhunted to make weapons for the government. He soon resigned, ridden with guilt for his complicity in murder. Fearing for his safety, he farewelled his wife and son, and fled by boat to Christmas Island. After 20 months in detention he was released, pushed out in a wheelchair.

Majid is a sickly, tormented shadow of sadness. His shirt flaps around his frame like a flag. He is diagnosed with depression and PTSD, and spends too much time in hospital to work.

He is gradually recovering through art.


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