The Academic

Prof Maley | Australian National University

Room 49 on level two of ANU’s Hedley Bull Centre is a cosy cul-de-sac of sagging bookshelves crammed with several thousand colourful spines.

Welcome to the office belonging to Professor William Maley, Member of the Order of Australia; Foundation Director at the Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy; Vice-President of the Refugee Council of Australia; High Court barrister; Afghanistan expert; author; Canberran; identical twin.

For someone who fervently read encyclopaedias as a child, the white-haired, rosy-cheeked professor is remarkably… well, normal. Never mind his omnipotent intellect, kilometre-long list of publications, natural eloquence and Harry Potter spectacles. He is kindly and unassuming, and resolute in his belief that Australia should be doing much more to protect its refugees.

In this 10-minute audio interview, Professor Maley explains our country’s immigration policy, talks about asylum seekers and the right to work, and tells us exactly what he thinks about the politics behind the asylum debate.


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